Senior Home Safety

According to a study by the Federal Housing Administration, nearly 90% of homeowners approaching retirement want to stay in their
homes as they age.


Blu Krome aims to keep your family in the home they love and remember for as long as it's safe. Our certified Senior Home Safety Specialist performs a 263-point assessment of your family member's home and leaves you with recommendations to improve their mobility and accessibility. 

Wheelchair Lift

Common Senior Home Upgrades

  • Alter the showers and tubs for walk-in access rather than step-over entry.

  • Create zero-threshold entryways.

  • Move light switches, cabinets, counters, and more for easy and safe reach.

  • Widen doorways and hallways to accomodate ambulatory aids.

  • Luxury, discreet upgrades, ie shower bars, to accommodate access and safety while remaining stylish and modern.