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Winter is Coming...


Here’s how to winterize your home…

To winterize your irrigation system, you will need the following materials:

  • Air compressor with a 20 gallon tank or better. Small compressors or larger zones may require two or more tanks of air to flush lines.

  • Fittings to connect the air compressor hose to the sprinkler blow down fitting (most are located near the sprinkler water source).

  • Access to the sprinkler control box. This is the unit inside the locked plastic box with all the electronics that turns on/off the different sprinkler zones. You’ll be accessing the electrical control knob.

Steps to winterize your irrigation system:

  1. Turn irrigation water source off and mark to prevent it from being accidentally turned on in the winter months.

  2. Connect the compressor to blow down fitting.

  3. Fill air compressor with regular set to no more than 60 psi.

  4. Turn off compressor.

  5. Turn on zone one at the sprinkler control.

  6. When all water is removed, turn off all zones.

  7. Repeat for each zone.

Often the water source is a separate water meter near the street. If you aren’t sure, check with your irrigation company on the procedure for your specific system.

To avoid frozen pipes:

1. Disconnect outside water hoses from spigots.

2. Be sure outdoor spigots are working properly. Repair any leaks before freezing temperatures occur.

3. If you have an interior shut-off valve for your home that leads to outside faucets, turn it off and drain water from the pipes.

4. Cover outside spigots using a spigot insulation kit.

5. Insulate pipes in unheated areas such as a garage, barn, or outside. You can apply foam pipe sleeves or even cut an old pool noodle to form an insulated barrier around pipes.

6. To optimize water heater functionality, drain corrosion-causing sediment from the tank.

7. Make sure your furnace is set at 55 degrees or higher to prevent frozen pipes inside.

Blu Krome offers the information you need to keep your home running smoothly. And for those who don’t have the time, motivation, or ability to maintain their homes, we offer services to do just that!

Comment below with any questions or comments! We would love to hear about your experience with winterization.

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